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David MacNeill: Hear


(David MacNeill)
January 1, 2008
©2008 David MacNeill Music (BMI)

In Morningtown by the American River
In a strip mall we all nicknamed Byrnum Downs
Is the place where we first met
How could I ever forget in Morningtown
In Morningtown

Now Morningtown's a sprawling nothing special
Sure as hell's not the worst place I have found
Good ones tend to blow right through
But I got lucky when I found you in Morningtown
In Morningtown

Remember when we stayed up all night
To try to see things in a different light
We fell together as the sun began to rise

Nothing's ever felt so right
As coming home to you every night in Morningtown
In Morningtown

©2007 David MacNeill Music (BMI)