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David MacNeill: Hear

Waiting To Fly

(David MacNeill)
January 1, 2008
©2008 David MacNeill Music (BMI)

I used to dream that I had wings
I couldn't wait to go to sleep
Waiting to fly

Above the schoolyard I would soar
Until they couldn't see me anymore
Waiting to fly

United 517 on time
Soldiers watching the x-ray line
I tell myself once again it'll be just fine

Thousand miles on an overnight
When's she gonna bring those drinks on by?
Waiting to fly

I can't sleep but I close my eyes
Cheap missiles screaming through the sky
I'm on a wing without a prayer tonight

Touchdown as she shakes and moans
So glad I'm coming home
Waiting to fly

Everything's gonna be all right
I'll sleep in my own bed tonight
Waiting to fly

©2007 David MacNeill Music (BMI)